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Construction of Gas Networks

Redeteca company holds a vast experience in construction and implementing gas networks and in our curriculum we can count dozens of miles of networks built or under construction. Because our competence and trustworthiness we are partner of the major GAS DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES in the country.

Gas Installations

Our company installs gas networks in all types of buildings. This type of work is carried by technicians certified to do so ensuring the full implementation of the gas project, the legislation and technical regulations always safeguarding the security of persons and goods.

With the deployment of natural gas in the interior north of Portugal, there was the need of gas installations, resulting in the appearance of Redeteca SA in this market as a credible company to perform all operations necessary to implement this energy in this Region.

Provision and Maintenance Services and Emergency call

With the substantial increase of gas consumers, it became essential to create conditions for the maintenance and emergency call.

Our company aware of this need and the responsibility assumed is ready to operate 24 hours a day with effective emergency teams to service our costumers.

Our company focusing on security of the gas distribution networks, is prepared to carry out various surveillance operations using the latest equipment and technology in the sector.

Technical Support

Our Company has, in our boards, technicians that ensure technical support to heating types of equipment and sanitary hot water, such as water heaters and boilers of any kind and different sources of energy (electricity, gas, propane, butane, natural gas and biofuel).

Solar Panels

According to the portuguese law 80/06 is required the integration of solar panels systems in the new homes. This rule for solar panels installation to produce hot water opens a large market for the development of renewable solar energy.

Our company provides with high qualify technicians these new solutions, technicians capable of implementing such solution, and check and inspect solar panels already installed.

Part of our work is also to verified its correct application, including the sun orientation and the rate of glycol (liquid that transports temperature captured by the panel to the battery) as well as testing and verification of all system equipment.

The main applications for the solar panels are: heating water, heating swimming pool water and to support radiant floor heating.

Each application of this system (Homes, buildings…) requires always a full analyze and study from our technicians to ensure that all the requirements are meet to ensure the implementation of the most appropriate system.

The hot water supply must be guaranteed at any time of year, for this reason you cannot do without water heating systems: the water heater or boiler and / or storage tank, used to support solar panels.


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