Safety Standards in gas installations

16 MAY, 2016

Safety Standards in gas installations

In case of leakage of gas or odors should take into consideration the following points:

  • Never make any kind of flame;
  • Never look for a gas leak with the help of a flame (lighters, candles, etc.);
  • Never operate any switch (turn on or off a lamp can cause an explosion);
  • Never try to make any repairs, contact a certified technician;
  • Never use the elevator;
  • Ventilate the place immediately, opening doors and windows;
  • Close the safety valves at the meter and gas appliances.

Advises for your Safety:

The location and installation of gas appliances must comply with specific requirements for ventilation and evacuation of combustion products (NP-1037). Never cover the air vents provided for this purpose, ensure that the conduct upward escape of the gas flue have an initial vertical section with a minimum of 30cm.

The installation of these devices must be made in accordance with existing legislation and implemented by accredited technicians. You must use metal pipes in the connections of fixed gas appliances (cookers and ovens) and instantaneous heating water (boilers and water heaters). The link with hoses is allowed to stoves, cookers and mobile heating. Use only hose that has been duly approved and the registration NP-1038.

The length of a hose shall not exceed 1m connection between the gas font and the unit. For greater lengths, the connection should be with metal pipe. Use metal clamps at the ends of the hose to ensure there is no leaks. Periodically check the hoses of its domestic gas appliances and replace them when they cracked or any other abnormality. Please note the expiration date on the hoses.


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