Natural Gas Service Stations

13 DEC, 2013

Natural gas for vehicles will be a reality. The construction of filling stations will begin in January 2014, with the Redeteca involved in its construction. Only will exist stations with compressed natural gas supply, with liquefied natural gas and other with the two functions.


The stations with compressed natural gas (CNG) will be essentially dedicated to companies that have fleets with defined routes and with a movement of relatively small radius, for example companies of urban waste collection, taxis, etc. Their autonomy will range between 400 to 500 kilometers to work only with CNG and about 200 km with the bi-fuel solution. The cost of fuel will significantly reduce for those who subscribe to this type of solution. The stations with supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be essentially dedicated to long-haul transport companies, their autonomy increases significantly, about 1000 kilometers with a deposit.


The European Union is strongly supporting this type of project, which will be created posts of this type in all countries with fixed routes and designated by "Blue Corridors". In these courses there will be a post of this type of 200 by 200 km. Were involved in this project, throughout the European Union the gas traders, posts builders and vehicle manufacturers. The compressed natural gas in the European Union will become a reality.


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