Security in the interventions implemented

26 AUG, 2016

Redeteca builds networks and gas installations since its foundation in 2001.

In 2013, driven by the liberalization of natural gas, emerged private natural gas autonomous units and natural gas filling stations, in whose implementation and development Redeteca is a reference partner.


In this context, we consider relevant checked the progress of the work in explosive atmospheres and in particular the protection, care and types of materials used in its construction and the applicable legislation.

The EN 60079-10, which classifies the areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may occur. To classify hazardous areas to prevent ignition sources and thus be able to correctly select electrical and non-electrical equipment.


There are two types, the group of gases and dust, these may be classified into Zone 0 (continuous or frequent exposure to gases or explosive dust), zone 1 (intermittent exposure to gases or dust in normal operation), Zone 2 (exposure occasional gases or dust but never in normal operation).


These concepts should always be present in the development of activities when working with combustible gases, particularly in the selection of materials to be used and the safety of the interventions to be made.


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